Project Details

  • 3D Top Down RPG

  • 10 weeks half-time

  • Custom 3D game engine


  • Pathfinding - My main responsibility this project was to implement A* on terrain navmesh, the system works with a request-promise-handle system and is entirely multithreaded, and supports path funnel smoothing as well.
  • Resources - I worked to optimize loading times by writing a transparent binary file cache, that automatically tracks and recompiles scene .json-files and navmesh .fbx-files to super compact binary representations to greatly improve loading times.
  • AI - I did significant work on the enemy AI and path handling.
  • Performance - I cleaned up a lot of the engine and reworked core systems to be more performant as it became a problem towards the end of the project.
  • Bug tracking - I wrote a server and client for in-engine trello-style bug tracking, removing an axis of separation which helped convince people to report more frequently.