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Project Details

  • 3D First-Person Shooter

  • 10 weeks half-time

  • Custom 3D game engine


  • PhysX - I integrated static collisions with PhysX, including cooking and instancing the rigidbodies and having them interact with the player.
  • Networking - I implemented all the backend for our networked messaging system.
  • Scripting - I wrote a scripting abstraction layer on top of Lua 5.1 with LuaJIT, used for events such as transitioning levels and opening doors.
  • Player - I implemented our player, including movement, shooting, animations, jumping, health and damage, sprinting, crouching, and reloading.
  • Performance - I made various optimizations throughout the project, most notably replacing our SSAO postprocessing with an efficient bilateral blur, increasing both performance and fidelity.