Project Details

  • 3D Space Shooter

  • 10 weeks half-time

  • Custom 3D game engine


  • Engine - I wrote and designed a lot of our core engine framework, including resource handling, scene and object management, and loading levels exported from the Unity editor.
  • Threading - I wrote a predictive threading engine that sits at the core of our engine loop; you can read more about it here.
  • Rendering - I helped set up a lot of our core rendering architecture and the forward renderer we used at the start of development.
  • Text - I wrote a font loader around Freetype2 and implemented a text renderer as well as the api for using it in the game.
  • Showroom - I created and maintained a special scene in our engine designed to help artists and technical artists to view their models convienitently in-engine in differently lit envionments.
  • Player & Camera - I worked on the player’s flying mechanics as well as the camera-pulley that provides the smooth transitions as the player manouvers.
  • Checkpoints - I set up the checkpoint system and the UI-markers that lead the player towards them.